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Tyneside Satellite Predictions

Tyneside, UK
2020 Sep 25
Friday, Day 269

Satellite Predictions

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ISS Visibility - Northumberland, Tyneside & County Durham

Predictions here are for viewing the International Space Station from South Shields, but you will find the information is valid For the whole Tyneside area plus County Durham and Northumberland.

Bright (Mag) - brightess using the star magnitude scale - the more negative the number, the brighter it will be,
Time - Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time depending on which is currently in force,
Alt - distance above the horizon..... overhead is 90°,
Az - the compass direction.

The ISS boosts its orbit at intervals to counter the effects of air drag. On rare occasions, it may run slightly late against these predictions for a few hours as a result.

Date Bright Start      Highest Point        End        Pass
(Mag) Time Alt Az Time Alt Az Time Alt Az Type
25 Sep-3.119:56:3210°WSW19:59:4543°S20:02:1016°ESEvisible
25 Sep-2.221:33:0310°W21:35:0730°WSW21:35:0730°WSWvisible
26 Sep-3.320:45:4110°W20:48:5746°S20:49:2942°SSEvisible
27 Sep-3.219:58:2010°WSW20:01:3648°S20:03:5018°ESEvisible
27 Sep-1.721:35:0310°W21:36:4723°WSW21:36:4723°WSWvisible
28 Sep-2.920:47:3610°W20:50:4537°SSW20:51:0835°Svisible
29 Sep-3.020:00:1110°W20:03:2542°S20:05:2919°SEvisible
29 Sep-1.221:37:1210°WSW21:38:2616°WSW21:38:2616°WSWvisible
30 Sep-3.019:12:4710°W19:16:0346°S19:19:1910°ESEvisible
30 Sep-2.220:49:3610°W20:52:2625°SSW20:52:4824°SSWvisible
01 Oct-2.420:02:0610°W20:05:0731°SSW20:07:1216°SEvisible
02 Oct-2.619:14:3710°W19:17:4637°SSW19:20:5510°SEvisible
02 Oct-1.320:52:0010°WSW20:53:5715°SW20:54:3614°SSWvisible
03 Oct-1.520:04:1110°WSW20:06:4019°SSW20:09:0510°SSEvisible
04 Oct-1.819:16:3310°W19:19:2225°SSW19:22:1110°SSEvisible

Predictions Updated: 2020 Sep 25

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