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Trinity South

Tyneside, UK
2018 Aug 17
Friday, Day 229

Trinity South

Or what South Tyneside Council didn't do!

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The Pleasures of Keepmoat

Trinity South is a development of 200+ new houses in South Shields in the area around Frederick Street. It is being developed by Keepmoat Homes.

The first houses were built and occupied early in 2014 and the aim is to have the estate completed by the end of 2018. These pages are aimed to illustrate what it is like to have moved in to a house near the beginning of building process, and some of the stresses of living alongside Keepmoat.

They also show how we have a large construction company that has the power to ignore conditions on it by the local Council. In turn, the Council turns a blind eye to what Keepmoat is (not) doing and a local Councillor simply ignores what is happening to some of the residents he represents.

One of the things that Keepmoat is very keen on is "...keeping our surfacing programmes close to our ongoing build as practically possible" (sic).

The footway shown in the photograph on the left is pretty much as it was in November 2014, more than three and a half years earlier - apart from the vegetation that is.

Keepmoat also says that "All this provides our valued purchasers with the right finish externally around their properties while also making the ongoing scheme attractive to potential purchasers" (sic).

Time is relative so maybe four years isn't that long in the grand scheme of things that are "practically possible", but nicely laid gardens and driveways do not in any way make this area look attractive against the background of Keepmoat's neglect.

But it's good to feel "valued".

The experience is not exactly enhanced by South Tyneside Council. It put together a legally-enforcable agreement with Keepmoat and ignored it immediately. It allowed residents to move into homes with no street lighting and then have to spend the next four years surrounded by building debris, weeds, protruding inspection covers and footpaths impassable to wheeled vehicles.

Parents with pushchairs/buggies and users of mobility scooters have no choice but to use the roadway. At one point they have to share with cars travelling in both directions as drivers steer steer to one side in order to avoid protruding metal covers.

A formal complaint to South Tyneside Council and pleas to its Chief Executive and our local Councillor for help have fallen on deaf ears. The council declined to enforce strict conditions it imposed on Keepmoat in 2014 and a meeting with our councillor, promised early-2017, hasn't yet happened.

At one point the Council was rather less than truthful when asked to justify residents being allowed to move in six months before Keepmoat got round to complying with legal requirements.

In the middle of December 2014, residents of one street were living in an area bereft of lamp posts and without the benefit of any street lighting whatsoever. The council claims that "all but one" of the non-existent lamp posts were working when go-ahead for occupation was signed-off!

If you are interested in a little more on this story, follow the "What Agreement?" and "Picture Postcards" links at the left hand side of the page.

Page date: 2018 June 6
Updated: 2018 June 7 (added final paragraph)
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