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Trinity South

Tyneside, UK
2018 Aug 17
Friday, Day 229

Trinity South

Or what South Tyneside Council didn't do!

Photos that you probably wouldn't want to send home

At Keepmoat and the Council

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Villains Of The Piece

For anyone interested in following up or checking the issues raised here, either as another concerned resident of Trinity South or out of interest, here are some of the key players and their contact addresses. Just click on the email address to compose a message using your own email.


Tim Beale - Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, Mr Beale says that he is interested in events at Trinity South

Mark Knight - Divisional Chairman Yorkshire and the North, the source of most of the Keepmoat quotes about keeping the area looking good, as seen on these pages

Richard Bass - Regional Director for the North East, probably the most senior manager directly responsible for the Trinity South Development

South Tyneside Council

Councillor Ed Malcolm - Our local representative who has been kept fully abreast of events
Dave Carr - Head of the Highways Department (at least in 2017), responsible for ensuring Keepmoat follows its obligations under the formal agreement with the council

Christine Knight - Senior Highways Officer, responsible for Trinity South day to day, signed off the Section 38 Part 1 work in 2014

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