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Trinity South

Tyneside, UK
2018 Aug 17
Friday, Day 229

Trinity South

Or what South Tyneside Council didn't do!

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So Easy on the Eye

A wander around Trinity South can be quite revealing to the eye. Everything in these photographs was laid down in 2014. The Council placed a requirement on Keepmoat Homes to complete the footways and roadway two years ago.

Keepmoat has signalled its disdain for the authority of South Tyneside Council by repeatedly declining to finish the work. It seems to do this in the sure knowledge that, although the Council has the law on its side, it will not use it.

In the meantime, what you see here is what residents have had to live with every day for the past four years.

Well - at least Keepmoat can say it provides SOME signs...

The kerbs are supposed to have been lowered at this junction to allow the likes of mobility scooters to cross. Instead they have to share the adjacent main road with cars and lorries from the nearby industrial estate.

Unfortunately, someone stole the street name plate 6-7 months ago.

The nice yellow crosses are probably to mark that the rather rickety and sunken concrete covers need attention. Unfortunately, the paint has faded over the years.

When the sun shines, residents have their own beach - right outside the font door. Unfortunately the more sandy one across the road is fenced off.

The hole around these covers is actually about six inches deep.

Keepmoat does its bit for nature conservation by providing a wildlife habitat.

Look closely and see if you can count the protruding water meter covers between here and the end of the street.

Can anyone name the plant in the foreground?

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