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Tyneside Satellite Predictions

Tyneside, UK
2021 Jan 25
Monday, Day 25

Satellite Predictions

For schools, clubs & societies - space exploration and history

Satellites in the Night Sky

When people look casually around the night sky, even in light polluted cities like Newcastle, Sunderland and Gateshead, two of the things they tend to spot are the International Space Station and bright flashes from reflective panels on a type of satellite called 'Iridium'.

The Space Station represents humanity living in space and the Iridiums are one of the sets of satellites that provide mobile telephone services to remote parts of the Earth.

Visibility Predictions

Both the appearance of the ISS in the sky and flares from Iridium are predictable and they can be spectacularly bright.

These web pages give times for both types of event - just select them from the left-hand menu. ISS predictions cover all of Northumberland, Tyneside and County Durham. With the Iridium satellites, the South Shields predictions are good for Whitley Bay, Jarrow, Hebburn, Boldon, Whitburn, Sunderland, and all places between. Iridium predictions for Newcastle & Gateshead are good for a similar-sized area around those two cities.

Talks and Lectures

For those who might want to look a bit deeper into space events and the history of the space age, talks are available to local groups on a number of topics - see the link in the right-hand menu.


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